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Small Town boxer

the story of a nationally-ranked boxer turned bodyguard

Hello, my name is Michael Suski and I lead a life of unimaginable accomplishments. I was a national champion boxer while fighting in only my second boxing tournament and placed very highly in my first big tournament. I started boxing in jr. high and by high school I was on the U.S. Boxing Team. I grew up wrestling and was a much better wrestler than boxer but boxing made me better prepared to back up my big mouth, so I put all my eggs in the boxing basket. I knew boxing offered me more opportunities and more glory so I mostly concentrated on that sport.

In high school, I was fighting on TV and traveling the world. I was also misbehaving very badly. I would street fight at the drop of a dime and knew I was the baddest man in the room, resulting in countless street and bar fights. I also had a taste for the ladies and was in a contest with all my other big time jock buddies in high school where we would have sex in the most daring and craziest places. This started my life off in a crazy direction and sexual appetites that lasted well into my future. I was the craziest "public sex exploits" champion, having three of the top five finishes, number one being in the tower of The Donald's mansion tower in Palm Beach.

I lived on the edge for a really long time and eventually fell off; I fell into the ashes of despair and had a life of failure at the bottom of a bottle. Boxing took away my intellect and my ability to talk comprehensibly at times. I eventually rose from the ashes of defeat and brain damage, making a huge life comeback. I had everything, lost everything, and then worked my ass off getting my life back to all its glory!

About The Author

Michael Suski former boxer and bodyguard

Michael Suski grew up in Flushing, Michigan. He was on the U.S. Boxing team in high school and went on to win a national title with Muhammad Ali sitting ringside. Mike boxed professionally throughout the mid '90s but fell short of making it to the Olympics due to a concussion during the trials. At the height of his career, he was ranked among the top ten in the world and his fights were featured on Fox, USA Network Tuesday Night Fight, and ESPN. He set numerous world records including most punches thrown in a single round (88 punches). Today, Mike is a patented inventor, published author, and currently owns and operates a gym. He lives happily with his family in Arizona.

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chapter one
Chapter One

Getting started

flushing, michigan
Chapter One

It all began in Flushing, Michigan

making dad proud
Chapter One

Making Dad proud

the junior olympics
Chapter Two

The luckiest kid in america

Chapter Two

Nationals, the big time!

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  • MIke Suski, the author, was from my home town, Flushing, Mich. and I could not wait to read his book. He did not let me down and he left me wanting more. My favorite part is on page 318. It was a total surprise and brought the tears. I rated this book 5 stars because it took some courage and bad memories to write it. I hope he writes another book because I'm a fan of his now and I can't wait.

    - Dianna Johnston
  • Amazing life story fantastic read. Still finishing it, but so far I love it.

    - David Wright
  • Pretty amazing stories told by a guy who led an incredible life. You never want to put the book down! Great read, well worth the money!!

    - James Johnston Jr.
  • Great story! Amazing read! Coming from a fellow boxer!!

    - joshua
  • Suski's memoir is direct and blunt, poignant and hilarious all at the same time. The arc of Suski's life is fit for a Hollywood movie, complete with a boatload of memorable characters and an array of incidents that wouldn't seem so crazy if they weren't real! That includes rising from a high school kid getting his butt kicked to becoming a national boxing champion, then pro who served as a bodyguard for Trump. Suski serves it straight, all the successes and moments of failure and doubt, which makes for a compelling read from start to finish. This is not a book about boxing, it is about living life on your own terms, backing it up when you run off your mouth, and never going half way on anything. I LOVED IT!

    - Alistair Schroff

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